Windows Application Development

Even with the advent of the Internet, front-end and desktop Windows application development continues to be an integral part of software systems.

Often the face of our customers, a Windows application needs to be functional, appealing, and stable throughout use. Whether you need a client-based or server-based application to suit your needs, the offshore Windows development team at INTRICE can carry your concept through to final launch.

Using a wide range of programming, graphical, and multimedia tools throughout Win32 API development, and combining this with our vast talents, we are able to deliver a high quality product that exceeds expectations.

While experienced in a wide spectrum of programming environments, our team has extensive knowledge in the following technologies and tools:

  • Win32 API Development
  • DirectX API
  • COM/COM+/ActiveX
  • Other native API's (WinSock, ODBC etc.)
  • Visual C++
  • Visual C#.NET
  • and others...


To learn more about other offshore Windows development and other offshore software development services, please see Internet Application Development, JAVA Development and FLASH Development pages.

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