About Our Offshore Software Development Company

Our offshore software development company, founded in 1989, was originally known as the TV-System LLC. In 2001, we established a new brand name INTRICE that better meets our marketing.

Offshore Programming in Tomsk

INTRICE is located in the Russian city of Tomsk. For those unfamiliar with our region, Tomsk is one of the leading cities for Research and Development in such areas as nuclear science, biomedicine, precise engineering, software and information technology. Nestled in a region recognized as a viable center for science, education and technology, we benefit from a powerful base that includes a branch of the Russian Academy of Science, six universities and more than a dozen research institutes making us a leader in offshore programming in Tomsk.

Russian Offshore Programming with Roots in Local Business

Until 1996, our company was providing software development services for local companies, implementing both large and small software projects for manufacturing enterprises, research institutes and noncommercial organizations. In 1996, we started offshore software development cooperation with a German company LiM Interactive GmbH in the software and multimedia application development field. Since then, we have significantly expanded the scope of our service and we're now a leading Russian offshore programming provider.

We currently have long-term customers in both Europe and USA, and have established strategic relationships based on years of providing superior service, meeting on-time delivery requirements and maintaining affordable prices. We worked on many projects with our German partners who included such famous companies as Allianz AG, Opel AG, and PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

This year, our company opened a German representative office - INTRICE Deutschland GmbH, located in Regensburg.

We involve the best IT professionals of our regional projects. Today our company employs about 50 developers, IT managers, system analysts, testers and web designers. We have a developed infrastructure and several specialized departments. Please visit Our Team page to learn more about our staff.

We take great care in producing a quality product. We have developed and documented procedures for practically all aspects of the company's activity. Recently we have achieved ISO 9001 Certification. In the nearest future we plan to certify our company to CMM standard.

To learn more about our company, please see our Outsourcing Partnership and Services areas, Quality Policy page, or contact us for additional information.


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