Multifunctional Advanced Financial System

Multifunctional financial systems are well known in the Internet and very popular with both merchants and regular users. Such systems are successful thanks to the common financial environment for all financial operation parties: buyers, merchants, payments services, which makes paying for the services and receiving the payments quick, simple, and reliable.

DirectNetPay Multifunctional Advanced Financial System

The DirectNetPay system that we have developed satisfies the merchants and buyers financial/payment needs and meets all the requirements to the systems of this kind.

DirectNetPay consists of the following modules:


Payment processing module receives and returns the credit card and ACH electronic check payments. This subsystem's main advantages are:

  • Working with most types of credit cards and electronic checks
  • Collecting the payment and other auxiliary information for further storage and analysis
  • Working with external payment verification systems, like vScrub
  • Working with internal payment verification systems, like "Black list"
  • Receiving payments from merchant sites via a full-functional and easy-to-use low-level protocol
  • Receiving payments from merchant sites via the classical Web Link scheme
  • The possibility to monitor the payment operation status at any processing step
  • The possibility to work with a lot of major and reserve payment processors
  • Reprocessing the transactions suspended for some reasons
  • The possibility to configure the internal routing for a particular payment operation, which provides its processing at the optimal payment processor
  • The possibility to send a payment operation to several external payment processors in turn, until the payment is received by any of them
  • A convenient and intellectual credit back processing mechanism

Having studied and analyzed the most popular payment systems in the Internet, we have implemented a quick and reliable mechanism for performing payment operations that provides high speed and efficiency of payment transaction processing, as well as guarantees the payment information's security and integrity.

Merchant module is intended for configuring and managing the merchant accounts.

The module allows the merchants to:

  • Edit their profile information
  • Get all necessary financial reports reflecting the interaction between the buyers and the merchants, between the merchants and the system owner for any period of time

The merchant profile is a secured web-based interface accessible only after the merchant's authorization in the system.

User module provides the Internet users with payment/financial services. DirectNetPay allows to receive the credit card/electronic check payments to the user DirectNetPay account from which the users will be able to pay for goods and services. The major DirectNetPay services are:

DirectNetPay User Module
  • Receiving credit card/ACH electronic check payments
  • Storing and editing the users' personal and payment information
  • Paying for goods and services from the DirectNetPay account
  • Transferring the user's money from DirectNetPay to other financial systems like PayPal, users' bank accounts, or wire transfer
  • The possibility to cancel the request for money transfer from DirectNetPay
  • "Send money" - a system for sending money to any Internet user by e-mail
  • Viewing the user's payment history
  • "Bill Pay" - this system allows the user to pay the bills, directed to him/her by various service providers. A payment can be made by any accessible method, such as a credit card, a check, or a debit card. Every service provider should conclude the contract with the system. Although in some systems the clients are allowed to pay the bills from any provider at their choice. Some extra services are available for the clients - reminder and scheduler. They are useful to keep payments in time

Administrator module provides the system administrator with a full-functional tool for effective management of all objects of the system. The major tools are:

DirectNetPay Administrator Module
  • Tools for working with user accounts
  • Tools for working with merchant accounts
  • Managing the e-mail notification and mailing lists
  • Various financial reports of different detailing level
  • Managing the payment processing module parameters
  • Analysis of payment information and forming a list of suspicious payment operation and a "black list"
  • "Black list" containing information about fraud operations and the cheaters' payment data

DirectNetPay - is a complex payment/financial system that can be extended and configured to operate in any area that require a quick and reliable payment service.

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