Online Gaming Software Systems

INTRICE has been developing online gaming software systems for several years, and we are one of the leading developers on the market. Our virtual casinos are among the leaders in effectiveness and profitability, which makes us the most popular online gaming software providers in the industry.

World-Class Online Gaming Development

Online gaming development consists of several elements, and each element should be considered individually. The main elements are:

Please pay special attention to our Online Gambling Network (please see the "Online Gambling Network" chapter for details) development - a united network that performs payments and delivers information to each online gambling system belonging to it.

Being concerned for our Customers' success, we are always aware of all innovations in the gambling software industry. New unique solutions and ideas are applied to our gambling software products, which makes them popular and exciting. More than 60% of registered users become our permanent players.

Casino Gaming Software Developers that Work for You

From the very beginning of a project, our casino gaming software developers takes care of the conceptual and technical implementation of the systems. We perform all tasks within a gambling project: from designing the web site and games to the system administration, support, and further extension of the project. We provide complex service, which lets the casino owner avoid boring technical details and focus on marketing efforts.

Our company involves different, highly qualified specialists in each project: analysts, concept writers, programmers, designers, system administrators, and testers. To make a gambling system succeed, many technical and psychological points must be taken into consideration, so we hire particular specialists (mathematicians and psychologists) with unique functionality development.

In our projects, we apply only proven ideas and solutions. Correct design, development, and configuration guarantee a high level of protection from intellectual hacking and information loss.

In spite of having a powerful, intricate functionality, our systems are easily extended and modified. This makes them easy to be adapted for any customer's needs.

We're ready to implement any gambling project for you: from separate games and sports books to fully-functional integrated systems with different modules, and anything in between.

System Management Module (Admin Shell)

The Admin Shell is a powerful tool that helps the casino administrator fully and effectively control the system. Admin Shell is a fully-functional Windows application that provides centralized control over all casino clones and Affiliate Network Sites.

The Admin Shell's functionality can be divided into the following interconnected blocks:

Marketing Tools are used for attracting new users and encouraging current users. Flexible settings allow you to work with each user individually. Marketing tools include:

  • Different kinds of bonus programs for attracting and encouraging the players, applied both to all players and to each player individually.
  • The full-functional Affiliate system with different multi-level webmaster incentive programs.
  • Player-to-Player referring functionality allows the players to attract their friends and be awarded for it.
  • Mechanisms for sending emails to players and webmasters, allowing for a lot of parameters.
  • The Advertising tracking system for collecting statistics and analyzing the marketing programs effectiveness.

Game Functionality Control Tools is one of the most important elements of the system, providing its success. These tools include:

  • The game automatic control system. This is a unique mechanism to control the profitability, allowing to avoid financial losses. The concept of this system has been developed by a PhD in Math in cooperation with psychologists, who helped configure the game functionality considering the players' psychology.
  • A system for storing and displaying the game history. It lets the administrator resolve possible conflicts and increases the player's loyalty to the system.
  • A system of free games. On the one hand, it allows the players to learn the game rules and play for free. On the other hand, it stimulates the users to play for real.
  • The progressive jackpot system, as well as a system of virtual players, make the system much more exciting and profitable. They encourage the users to play for real and makes even a newly-started casino look very popular.
  • A system for collecting comments. It is intended for getting players' feedback, which allows to analyze the games' success.

Full-Functional Accounting System stores and displays financial and analytical information for the whole system's lifetime. Reports can be as detailed as necessary and they reflect all aspects of the casino's activity for any period of time.

Game Account Control System stores and displays all user data available. Searching by different criteria and filtering of lists make the casino administrator's work more efficient. Personal settings and locking let the administrator work with each player individually.

Payment Management Module provides automatic processing of user's payments, accounting of transaction fees, and gives a set of tools for semi-automatic withdrawal request processing.

The multi-currency system automatically recalculates the currency rates when money is being withdrawn, and monitors the rate changes getting the information from the specialized providers.

Protection Mechanism protects the system from cheating. Access can be forbidden to unwelcome users by different criteria. The mechanism includes:

  • Common Black List. Allows to accumulate data about cheaters, stolen credit cards, insecure IP addresses, and other suspicious information, which allows to avoid unwanted users at the very registration stage.
  • Fax Confirmation System. Monitors each user's deposits and proposes the user to sign a written agreement with the casino, if the deposit amount exceeds the limit.
  • Embedded Analytical System. Uses different techniques to spot suspicious players, which lets the casino administrator pay special attention to ones.
  • Fraud Control System. Provides a set of tools for control and accounting of fraud payments. The system covers all aspects of user's activity, communicating with Common Black List, Embedded Analytical System and Payment Management Module. Moreover, Fraud Control System has mechanisms for interaction with all parts of Online Gambling Network (please see the "Online Gambling Network" chapter for details) making the entire gambling system more protected from cheaters.
  • Payment Subsystem is an intermediary between the casino and many external payment services. The subsystem is easily connected to any new gateway, so the Customer feels confident on the rapidly changing payment service market. The built-in credit back amount distribution and transaction monitoring systems enable convenient and reliable work with the payments.
  • Support of many administrator accounts and distribution of access to different functionality provides good control and management of the system.

Content Management Functions. Allows the Gambling system administrator to change some parts of the site contents, like:

  • Announcements;
  • FAQ;
  • Troubleshooting.

All created announcements are stored by the system and the administrator can view the archive of news at any moment.

The administrator can change either text or the text style and form, using the standard formatting tags.

In each section of FAQ, the User Help Management System allows to form a section "I didn't find the solution. What can I do?" In this section, the user is offered to fill in a form to express his complaints clearly, so that the support team can easily locate the problem and give their recommendations to him. The form may consist of both editable fields and select boxes.

In each FAQ section, the form has its own representation fully managed by the system administrator.

User Web Site (system frontend)

A stylish and perfect quality design reflecting our Customer's ideas and focused on a specific target group is used in our sites and games. An intuitively comprehensive, convenient, and easy-to-use game interface makes the games popular and is appreciated by players.

Using flash elements on sites makes them more dynamic and attractive. Moreover, it allows to manage certain content of the site from the administrator panel. For example, some flash elements can display current settings of the bonus programs.

The site navigation is based on the marketing concept and allows to guide the user to the registration page where they are suggested to transfer their money to the casino.

Having classy design, the user's site is based on high technologies having Multilanguage support. It is quite easy and cheap to add a new site localization.

The system supports localization of both site text and graphics, including games.

Game Functionality

The game functionality is implemented in Flash, Java, and Win32 technologies. Non-download versions of games can work in different popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, AOL, Mozilla, Opera.

Because the creation of effective and exciting games requires a lot of technical and psychological points to be taken into consideration, psychologists and mathematicians are involved in the development process. One of the most important features of the game system is that the gambling machine's payout percent is automatically controlled. At the same time, there is a comfortable and natural environment for the players.

Each game is available in real and free modes. The free mode, on the one hand, allows the players to learn the game rules and play for free. On the other hand, it stimulates the users to play for real.

Most games are connected to the progressive jackpot system that makes the games more exciting and winning.

The game functionality includes all types of popular casino games, including multi-user games, which suits users with any preference. Our systems provide different types of pokers, BlackJack, slots. There are different types of slots: from simple single-line ones with auxiliary bonus games, to complicated multi-line and multi-spin ones.

  • Single-line slots
  • Multi-line slots
  • Multi-spin slots
  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • Bonus slots
  • Black Jack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Keno
  • Video Poker
  • Multihand Video Poker

Multi-user games

Multi-user games are a new and promising direction of gambling industry development. The main advantage of such games is intense players' involvement and confidence, which brings the casino more profit, in comparison with single-user games.

Multi-user games is not only the game environment, but also a place where the players communicate. They can watch each other play, select the most interesting game table, talk to each other in the embedded chat.

To make the game entering simpler and quicker than in the win32 versions, we have developed a flash-based system. This is a unique solution giving a lot of advantage in promoting the online gambling product.

The multi-player games' engine that we use is a universal platform that other multi-player games like poker, bingo, lotto can be based on.

Sportsbook System

The Sportsbook system is a virtual bookmaker. Sportsbook can be either a separate product or a part of a casino. Combining the casino and sportsbook in one system is a good marketing solution. On the one hand, many people trust sportsbooks a lot, which brings many new users. On the other hand, the casino brings more profit per player than sportsbook.

Getting sport information from different information providers, the system unifies the data and provides them in a convenient way. Sport events of the following sports are available:

  • Pro Baseball / MLB
  • Pro Football / NFL
  • Pro Basketball / NBA
  • Pro Hockey / NHL
  • Womens College Basketball / BKW
  • Boxing
  • Womens Pro Basketball / WNB
  • College Basketball / BKC
  • College Football / FBC
  • Arena Football / ARE
  • Canadian Football / CFL
  • International Soccer
  • Golf
  • Horse Racing
  • Auto Racing
  • Tennis

The list of the sports supported can be easily extended by connecting to new information providers. You can also create your own events to accept bets on.

The system supports all popular types of bets:

  • Straight
  • Money Line
  • Total
  • Half-time straight
  • Half-time money line
  • Half-time total
  • 2nd Half-time straight
  • 2nd Half-time money line
  • 2nd Half-time total
  • Competition
  • Proposition
  • Future
  • Matchup
  • Parlay
  • Teaser

The Multi Bet Slip makes it easy to operate with multiple bets. Selecting interesting sport tournaments, the player can bet either on one event or on several events according to the multi bets rules.

That fact that there are a lot of sport news makes the sportsbook very convenient to use. Apart from the information about events, the players can get the following information:

  • Latest scores
  • Weekly schedules
  • League schedules
  • Standings

In spite of containing a lot of information, the system is not heavy for the sportsbook administrator to work with. All Sportsbook processes are automated: from getting the information about sport events and news to receiving the results and paying the bets.

The system enables both to work with the odds that the information providers deliver and to modify all sport events' parameters. For convenient controlling and editing of sports events and news, we have developed a Dispatcher server (plese see the "Online Gambling Network" chapter for details). Using the Dispatcher is especially convenient for simultaneous support of several sportsbooks. In this case the owner both saves on connecting their systems to an information provider, and is enabled to control all their systems from a single point.

Online Gambling Network

Online casino&sportsbook is not an isolated system. Its failure-free operation depends a lot on other external systems that it is connected with. Payment services, sport information providers' and Affiliate Network Sites reliability is one of the most important factors of the gambling system's success. Building an online gambling network is an efficient way to make the gambling business powerful and stable.

Online gambling network is a complex approach that helps expand the gambling business by cloning casino&sportsbook systems and provides stability of the business. Gambling network can contain any number of casino&sportsbook clones that interact with a single payment gateway and have a single sport information source - Dispatcher server.

Payment gateway processes all financial operations coming from online casinos, interacting with external payment services. The advantages of this approach are:

  • Saving time and money on getting a merchant account for each new clone, because all operations can be performed by one account.
  • The possibility to work with many main and reserve payment services, which proves reliable operation of the gambling network even in case that one or a few services fail.
  • The possibility to send a payment operation to an optimal payment service according to a preset routing.
  • The possibility to send a payment operation to several payment services in turn, until it is accepted by any of them.
  • The possibility of centralized control of all payments coming from all gambling systems.
  • The possibility to provide paid services to third-side companies.

Dispatcher server collects different types of sport information from various sources, formalizes it, and transfers the data to the online gambling systems in a single format. The Dispatcher server's advantages in working with several sportsbook systems are:

  • The possibility to save money on connecting a new sportsbook system to the information thread.
  • Similar way of representation of the sport information on all sportsbook clones regardless of the source that the Dispatcher server has received it from.
  • Support of several main and reserve information sources.
  • Centralized management of all clones' information.
  • The possibility to provide informational services.

Affiliate Network Site (ANS) is a portal for webmasters, providing them with attractive programs and high-quality marketing tools. The forum allows the webmasters to talk to each other, and the administrators - to get to know about the webmasters' needs and wishes.

Using the systems of this kind has the following advantages:

  • Centralized webmaster registration. The webmasters do not have to sign up at each casino separately. Having once signed up at ANS, the webmaster can advertise any casino clone available on the portal.
  • Common webmaster management system. The ANS administrator can monitor the webmaster activity on each casino and change the parameters of different programs individually.
  • Common payment system allows to manage the payments to webmasters.
  • Mass emailing system is a useful and effective marketing tool.

Along with the common payment system, the dispatcher server and ANS, the online gambling network may include such important systems as the common black list of players, where information about cheaters is accumulated from all clones, and a progressive jackpot common for all clones.

Therefore the online gambling network makes it easy to connect new casino&sportsbook systems and manage the systems, and makes the gambling business more reliable.

All Online Gambling Network components are based on a high-technology platform (please see the "Technologies" chapter for details) based on principles of distribution, scalability and fault-tolerant of the modules of the system.


All Gambling System components are built on a unique platform based on the following principles:

  • Distribution. Any large business application modules must be able to work on a dedicated hardware to ensure that the load on one of the modules does not reduce the other modules' performance;
  • Scalability. Any business application modules that may need extra performance to meet the increased load must be able to be scaled by adding extra hardware clusters.
  • Replication. Any business application data must be saved in at least two places to ensure the 100% safety of the information;
  • Fault-tolerance. Even if 10%-15% of the hardware fails, it must not harm the whole application functioning.

The following up-to-date technologies are used for the platform development:

  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). This technology is a basis of the project. Other server technologies are based on it and added as libraries;
  • JINI. This technology is used to create a transaction framework that provides two-phase transaction confirmation. The original JINI had some significant disadvantages. We had to modify it to optimize its performance and organize better resource usage;
  • JDBC. This technology is used to provide access to the database;
  • XML/XSLT. Used for multi-language support and building of web interface of the system;
  • Oracle. It is a basic DBMS of the system;
  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC). The technology for building Oracle-based computing clusters is used for clustering of the database;
  • MS .Net. This technology is used for building of the system administration system (admin shell);
  • SOAP. It is used to transfer the complete objects between the admin shell and the services of the server part.

Therefore all key components of the system can be located on separate hardware units so that the load on one module does not affect the others.

Besides, the performance of the key modules, both the game modules and client module, can be increased by adding new servers.

Regardless of its technical complexity, the system can be easily allocated on one single server providing good performance for small business.

To learn more about our company, please see our Company, Services, Outsourcing Partnership areas, or contact us for more information.


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